September 11, 2001

Photo by the author. Circa 1999

I managed paper inventory for a book manufacturing plant. My cubicle was in accounting, although I was part of customer service. The hallway between the two contained a small kitchen and customer lounge with a television.

I had just started my day and headed to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. It was unusual for the television to be on with no customers present, but a colleague was sitting on the sofa, crying and staring at the TV. I turned and saw the image of the first tower burning.

We worked for the country’s largest printing company at the…

Random acts of Mindless

Photo by the author

Six Word Photo Story Summer Challenge

The Bandwagon Effect. Rarely ends well.

People love to belong to clubs. So much so that we do it reflexively, creating clubs in our mind just so that we can join them.

Ripped jeans, hipster beards, religious garb, MAGA hats. We use these visual symbols to announce our membership in a particular club.

Then there are the clubs we join through our actions. Building little stone cairns on a beach. Throwing coins into fountains. Smoking Marlboros.

And putting locks on bridges, especially the Pont des Artes in Paris. I took this photo in April…


Sundown over Bergen, Norway. All photos by the author.

My wife and I spent three weeks in Sweden and Norway. The last leg of the journey began with a short flight from Oslo to Bergen, a port city on the Atlantic coast of Norway. We spent a few days there exploring the town, enjoying the views and the local cuisine. A ridiculously steep tram took us to the top of Fløyen, Where I took the photo above.

Norway has a very extensive and sophisticated ferry system. We said goodbye to Bergen and cruised North between several islands for about 75 km. It was stormy with rain squalls for the…

Sehr gut!

Machen is a lot more loosey goosey than 'make' in German. For example, "ich mache mir sorgen" - I make me worry - just means I'm worried.

Photo by my mom. Circa 1974.

Random Life Choices edition

Long haired teen, classical music freak.

Mary Chang made me do this.

First ever actual snapshot on SWPSC?

Reflexively reflecting reflective reflected reflections .

My typkng skilps are reslly terrjble.

Hendrix Crosstown Traffic comes to mind.

I could have been a contender.

Try just six one sound words:

Text while drive brings bad luck.

A dingo ate my baby cormorant.

Click here! Win a million dollars!

All out of cathedral photos. Not!.

Ich spreche auch ein bisschen Deutsch.

It’s the small things that count.

Feasibly construct
six word haiku

My brain has run out of….

So many great stories in the links above and elsewhere…

Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin. Photo by the author.

Not Another Cathedral?

Irish history glows like polished wood.

This cathedral in Dublin has a bit of something for everyone. The largest crypt in the British Isles. The (supposed) tomb of Strongbow. A mummified cat and rat. The heart (Yes, the heart!) of Laurence O’Toole. Nine hundred years of Kings and wars and occupations.

I took this picture on the last day of a 3 week driving tour around Ireland, from Dublin to Westport via the southern coast. If Ireland isn’t on your bucket list, you should consider it.

For further enticement on Ireland, check out this by Diana Lotti:

This story triggered…

Photo by the author

On morning walks, peaceful moments unfold.

Wherever I travel I try to get out early in the morning and capture a place before the hustle of the day begins. Often the only life stirring is birds and delivery trucks.

This walk is not at the crack of dawn, but Brugge (or Bruges) in North West Belgium, no longer has much hustle other than as a sleepy historic tourist town. A busy trading center 800 years ago, the Zwin channel that connected it to the sea silted up, cutting off the towns’ major trade route.

Although it was occupied by the…

A. Of the earth , but not the Alps.

Seeking solace, peace. Forgive me Father.

The Basilica Cathedral of Lima is the first one I visited on foreign soil. I guess it was the beginning of my cathedral obsession.

There is a five-centuries-old hypocrisy buried in this cathedral. Francis Pizarro, the conquistador that conquered Peru, laid the first stone in 1535.

After their successful Reconquistareturning Spain to Christian rule — the Spanish used Christianity as the reason/excuse to conquer the “New World.” They knelt solemnly, prayed for mercy, then resumed enslaving the indigenous peoples. Making them Christian was the excuse, the quest for gold was the reason.

Pulpo Viejo

Apathetic alcoholic diabetic old man on a motorized pin-striped skateboard.

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