September 11, 2001

Photo by the author. Circa 1999

I managed paper inventory for a book manufacturing plant. My cubicle was in accounting, although I was part of customer service. The hallway between the two contained a small kitchen and customer lounge with a television.

I had just started my day and headed to the kitchen for a cup…

Sedlec Ossuary. Photo by the author.

Just when you’ve seen it all…

Of all the places I’ve been, this has got to be the strangest example of human behavior in the pursuit of godliness. This small church in Kutná Hora, about 60 km east of Prague, has the bones of about 60,000 people in it! Arranged into rows, chandeliers, artwork, Coat-of-Arms. …

Photo by my mom. Circa 1974.

Random Life Choices edition

Long haired teen, classical music freak.

Mary Chang made me do this.

First ever actual snapshot on SWPSC?

Reflexively reflecting reflective reflected reflections .

My typkng skilps are reslly terrjble.

Hendrix Crosstown Traffic comes to mind.

I could have been a contender.

Try just six one sound words:

Text while drive brings bad luck. …

Pulpo Viejo

Apathetic alcoholic diabetic old man on a motorized pin-striped skateboard.

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